Everest to the Hollywood, Ankit Poudel from Nepal getting recognized as the finest film maker!

After the success of “Song of clouds”, the reputation of Mr. Ankit Poudel has grown far and wide. Getting the Grand Prix at Split Film Festival and Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival is something even the world’s most popular directors and producers still aim for. Moreover, the Honorable mention at Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine and Best Cinematography at IndieCyprus International Short Film Festival have not only represented Ankit as a successful movie name but also made the entire nation proud.

Song of Clouds is a short film of about 15 minutes, holding a very important message to the world. It’s a story of a haunting visual fever dream which is actually a meditation on the afterlife; the journey to the other world and what gets left behind among the living. This short film has been featured in the festival including Brussels Independent Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, ShortFest Palm Springs International Film Festival, Kiev Molodist International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, etc. This film festival is not just based in the US but has followers from all around the world. 

Ankit is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a master’s degree in the Fine Artsin Cinematic Arts. This is one of the Top 25 American Film Schools where Ankit Won a full-tuition scholarship valued at $38,635. He also received the Chancellor’s Award valued at $13,000. Ankit also won a scholarship awarded by Infinite Studios, Singapore, and Adoor GopalakrishnanFilm Archive and Research Fund Merit Award by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2020. Right from their college days, he started working as a member of Infinite Scholarship, Singapore; Infinite Scholarship, Singapore; and Infinite Scholarship, Singapore, nurturing these skills in every way possible. 

Ankit has founded and worked as a director of Himalayan Poets Pvt. Ltd. Himalayan Poets Pvt Ltd provides affordable, professional services to clients with important stories to tell. They provide production services, location services, and all logistic support for feature films, documentary production, commercial shoot, cooperate shoots, reality show, travel shows, TV interviews, TV dramas, still photography, and more. Ankit also worked in Simal Cinema, a production company based in Kathmandu as a cinematographer. He worked for the initiation of diverse content in the field of audio/visual. In the last few years, he has worked as a judge in the Infinite Scholarship, Singapore; Infinite Scholarship, Singapore; and Infinite Scholarship, Singapore.

It’s not just the awards that count. Ankit’s work was nominated for many international awards such as 

  1. Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival,

Nominated for Best Short Film in International Shorts section, Song of clouds

  • Kiev Molodist International Film Festival,

Nominated for Scythian Deer award — Best Short Film, Song of clouds

  • Montreal Festival of New Cinema (Festival du nouveau cinema), 

Nominated for Loup Argente award — Best Short Film, Song of clouds

  • Sundance Film Festival,

Nominated for Short Film Grand Jury Prize — Best Short Film, Song of clouds

  • CCBC Africana Studies Independent Film Festival

Nominated and Semi-Finalist,

Apart from this film, we get to view Ankit’s finest work in Bird fell in the rain which was featured at Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival. The Mirage which was seen at Raindance Film Festival was also equally loved by the viewers. The shows at Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta, USA; Asolo Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy; Festival du nouveau cinema, Montreal, Canada; Chicago Underground Film Festival, Illinois, USA; Denver Film Festival, Colorado, USA; The Norwegian Short Film Festival; etc has also got many attractions from different people all around. 

Ankit’s work has been recognized by Nepalese newspapers such as Ekantipur, Filmy Khabar, Nepali Public, Onlinekhabar Nepali, Online Khabar, The Kathmandu Post, The Cinema Times, KhabarHub, My Republica, Nepal 24, Nepali Times, Raising Daily News and more. This National daily has almost a million readers in total. Also, there have been many international newspapers and online news sites that have been covering the success of Mr. Ankit Poudel including the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Graduate School Website, Variety, Collider,, Desert Sun, Desist Film, Indie eye and more. Well, the list is long, and let’s not bore you with all the detail. 

Ankit even volunteered in a fiction short Babuniya, Nepal, 2018 that tells a beautiful story about domestic violence against women. He also volunteered as a Video creator for interactive science experiments. It was an event with Scientists ServingSociety, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama in 2020 that aimed to educate school children and provide early exposure to scientists from diverse backgrounds. We are definite that Ankit will continue serving society with pure intentions in the coming future. We still await to witness many of his successes in the coming future.