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रेश अब डा. रेश मरहट्ठा ! a Proud Moment, Actor Resh Marhatta : an honorary doctorate


त्रिभुवन शर्मा, मेरिल्यान्ड, अमेरिका

आम नेपाली कलाकर्मिहरुका लागि खुशी र गर्बको बिषय : एक नेपाली नायकलाई अमेरिकाको एक विश्वबिद्यालयले मानार्थ डक्ट्रेड उपाधी प्रदान गरेको छ । आफ्नो किताब ” ट्रिप टु भेगस ” का लागि नायक रेश ( सुरेश ) मरहट्ठालाई अमेरिकाको बल्टिमोर स्थित किङ्स युनिभर्सिटीले सो उपाधीबाट बिभुशित गरेको हो ।

Dr. Suresh Marahattha

Asian American actor Resh Marhatta is in baltimore USA for his book release. His book got released earlier today by the panel of intellects, Dr.Pevannan Kuppusamy, Dr. Selvin Kuman ,Dr. Carolin Praba Dr. Unni Sivaraman and tamil/Indian actor Mr. Rkay. He released his novel “trip 2 Vegas.

” My story deals with an ironic situation and the issues related with the Asian american communities, especially triggered by 911 and irag incident, said Mr. Marhatta . This book begins with friendship and romance but encounters with uncalled brutal and violent incidents.. I had this concept before 911 but got accelerated after the incident. Believe me this story can or will do justice for both parties; hopefully someday movie will be made out of this novel and attract all kind of ages Mr. Marhatta added.

Mr Marhatta also received doctor of letters from Kings University, on 30th day of May for his achievements at Hilton Convention Center at Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland. We are honored and delighted to present the doctorate to one of the talented actors/ youth icon said Dr. kumar, Kings University during this convention.

Weber state graduate, Dr Marhatta also recently received “Asian Youth Icon ” from Singapore for his exemplary works influencing the youths.

Congratulations Resh !