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From The Street of Nepal Hawking Newspapers, To The Silicon Valley, Sushil Pokharel’s Story

Inspires A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

August, 2017

One of Asia’s brightest and influential entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sushil Pokharel, is fast becoming the new definition of vision and focus. 977onlineHis journey as an
entrepreneur started from the streets selling newspapers, and now he is starting a one of its kind venture capital company, Sushmit Holdings LLC. Sushmit Holdings LLC helps the often neglected and unprivileged startup business. Driven with a focus to make a difference, he founded some successful companies in Nepal, some of which includes, Sushmit Energy Private Limited and Sushmit International.

Sushil is a recipient of the prestigious Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation “ Asia Honesty Entrepreneurship Award 2015” for his outstanding and honest approach to ethical business practices. He also won “The Mars Award -2015 “ , “ Distributor Performance Award -2013 “ from BW Broadcast United Kingdom and Excellent in Sales and Technical Leadership Award – 2011” from Telos Alliance USA. According to Business Insider, there are hundreds of people at the silicon valley who find it difficult to penetrate their way to success, all because they are from a particular background, or they are people of color. Helping the category of an underrepresented startup is the reason why Sushmit Holdings LLC was created.
“The majority of my time in tech I [was] surrounded by mostly white, Ivy League men with vast networks and financial safety nets. I always wondered if there were people out there with backgrounds similar to mine, and there are many folks in tech who feel far more isolated than me," Says Photographer Helena Prince on Business Insider “Our vision is to help founders and CEO of new startup companies whose idea can create significant impact. As an impact focused investment venture capital firm, we work in the developing environment. We mainly invest in start-ups which are unable to access the right financial investment and are disadvantaged due to their background, gender, or any other class- defining factor.” Says Sushil Pokharel. As stated on, diversity is one of the tech industry’s biggest embarrassments. But for a handful of startups, Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity is also a (big opportunity).